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Frequently Asked Questions
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How is FastJobs.io different from other professional job boards/portals?error
FastJobs.io offers an easy and efficient approach to hiring. From a pool of 10000+ candidates, we select the best fit for your company. We not only make sure the candidates have the right skills, talent, and experience to match the job but also that they are a strong cultural fit.
Is there any fee charged for this service?error
Yes, we charge a fee to the companies who partner with us. We have different options of payment cycles available. You can discuss your preferred payment with our client acquisition team.
What types of roles do you recruit for?error
We specialise in Sales, Business Development, and Tech roles. Whether you want someone who works in-person or remotely, our talented recruiters will find what you are looking for!
Is there any other way to contact FastJobs.io?error
To partner with us and make hiring easy, you can send us an email at corporaterelations@fastjobs.io
How quickly can you help us hire candidates?error
We aim to meet and understand your company’s candidate requirements within the next 2 days. We believe in scale and speed with efficiency at its core. Our average time to get people interviewed and hired is 7 days. Throughout this process, our team will have regular communication with you.